AR Paintings


Painting tends to work within the visual context of any period. Although quite recently I feel that painting has not caught up with or understood virtual space. In particular virtual space uses isometric geometry rather than fixed point of view planar perspective. I decided to make paintings that would function as Augmented Reality markers. These define the space and allow a fixed point for walking around the augmentation. Simply putting AR markers on the wall leave the virtual space in it’s own domain. By making paintings with AR Markers there is a real dialog with both physical space and painterly space. To add to the reference I chose Josef Albers paintings because they are an indication of a structuralist approach to the language of painting. The use of Albers painting pushes the work into Post Modernism and appropriation. In new media all information is utilized because it is flattened out into rhizomatic linkage. By adding the AR markers onto the paintings they become truly I enlisted Maria Joao Salema because she is an excellent painter and we collaborate well together. The augmentations give four variations on types of art. There is realism in the self portrait, conceptual art with the text, minimalism with the extension of the painting into 3D and pop art with the toy clown car. The car and the self portrait are 3D scans that make good use of isometric geometry. The physical interface is an ipad on a rollable stand that has handles. The viewer rolls this “device for viewing paintings” around thus creating a physical interactivity as well as the virtual one that is viewed through the iPad.

Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Crux Space, Philadelphia, PA