Post Browser


A kinect camera is used to move the data objects around in space. The work carries on from earlier works that challenge the web browser and the idea of framing and layout. The work also challenges the corporatization of the internet. I wrote an html parser to get around the MoMA’s web page layout and grab the current exhibitions images. These are made public on the internet. I wanted to lay them out in my own design. This questions the browser and web page metaphor in general. It’s a hangover from print media and it’s the importing of a static media form into a dynamic information space. I chose to allow the viewer to immerse themselves in the information space and interact with the information through their body movement and eyes. The viewer also hears the RSS feed from an art blog Hyperallergic being read by a synthetic voice. I laid out a live weather feed in the form of a text circle that forms a ring outside of the ring of images produce from MoMA. The Kinect camera’s infrared video is mapped onto the cylinder in the center putting the viewer in the work. Sofy Yuditskaya collaborated with me on the code to bring this work to fruition. She took my basic code and refined it and added her own touches. That’s the thing about writing code, you often get stuck and need someone to suggest a different approach or to help finish the project. This work is called Post Browser and is an alternative approach to information access.

Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Crux Space, Philadelphia, PA