The underlying art historical reference in this work is to American Precisionist Painter such as George Ault, Ralston Crawford, Stuart Davis, Charles Demuth, Elsie Driggs, Louis Guglielmi, Louis Lozowick, Georgia O'Keeffe, Morton L. Schamberg, Charles Sheeler, and Niles Spencer.
They took as their subject matter the American industrial landscape. This is without any reference to societal or political concerns. In similar manner I am using 3D digital forms as my subject matter. The 3D forms in my AR Sculptures are taken from stock 3D models that are copyright free. I this way I am presenting these virtual objects as a form of digital landscape in the manner of the Precisionists. The presentation of these forms is within a virtual space created by Augmented Reality equipment. The AR Markers are collaged forms printed out on paper or floor panels. They can also be projected. The physical interface and the viewing experience is partially tactile insofar as the viewer must move through and walk on the floor markers. This creates an overlap of physical and virtual space.


Split Festival for New Film 2017
Split, Croatia