Hey Bozo


Hey Bozo ... Use Mass Transit
20 large scale billboards were commissioned by the New York City MTA as a yearly anti-pollution campaign. They went up in the first week of May 1994 and were immediately controversial.

The work was seen on several newscast such as Good Day New York, and the NBC Nightly News (nationally) . It was written up in the NY Post, NY Daily News, The New York Times, etc. A telephone interview with the artist and a report on the project was distributed over the AP newswire.

As a consquence of all the publicity, Larry Harmon, the "original" Bozo the Clown started a lawsuit claiming trademark dilution. The suit was eventually dropped.

1999 Mass MoCA Billboard:Art on the Road
and featured in the exhibition catalog essay by Laura Stewart Heon on page 21.
1996 Eastern Connecticut State University "meme breeders"
1995 - New Museum of Contemporary Art "Courage"