Pile O' Rants


This work uses projection mapping and four channel sound. Speakers are used to place sound in the sculpture, tying the sound to a location. One must walk around the sculpture and lean into it to hear separate sound tracks. The checkerboard carpet tiles and painted country furniture physically root the piece in real space. The video projection and sound are married to the furniture. The videos projected are rant performances I did in 2006. I enlisted Brian Caiazza to shoot the video and do the post production. This is also a collaboration with Brian. My video performance goes back to the 1970’s when I was one of the first performance artists to work in the form. I havemade performance rants for many years altering the formats to keep the form fresh for myself. This latest presentation breaks the linear theatre like presentation format by presenting the videos all at once. The viewer is not seated but must walk around the installation to percieve it. The videos and sound are used as textures rather than discreet presentations. What happens is that the emotion and the feel of the the works comes through while the story-line is de-accentuated. The historical references are to Rauschenberg’s Combines (with the furniture), Neo-Geo (with the carpet tiles) and Video-Performance Art. It also uses a computer and custom software to root the work in the current discourse.


Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Crux Space, Philadelphia, PA