See / Saw


See / Saw is an interactive movie. viewers sit on a seesaw and use it to control movie scenes projected on a wall. This is accomplished by sensors attached to the seesaw that send signals to a computer. The computer selects scenes from the movie, Two For The Seesaw and project two separate scenes one above another onto a wall. As the seesaw moves from one side to the other the scenes correspondingly turn off and on.

The 1962 movie Two for the Seesaw stars Shirley MacClaine and Robert Mitchum and was directed by Robert Wise. It's set in New York City. Robert Mitchum is a lawyer from Nebraska who is divorcing his wife. He comes to New York to figure things out. He meets Shirley MacClaine who is a bohemian dancer at a downtown loft party. They start having a love affair. The story is about love. The movie was originally a 1958 hit play written by William Gibson.

The movie is deconstructed into 112 separate scenes that are selected at random. This permits an analysis of the film, it's use of language and a focused appreciation of the techniques of filmmakers and actors. The seesaw adds a physical component to the way we take in the movie information. See/Saw is a love affair with a time in New York that no longer exists. It's a fragile memory filtered through a New Media apparatus.


LMCC Governor's Island Building 110, NYC