The Spiral Slide (Resbalin Interactivo)


The Spiral Slide(Resbalin Interactivo)

30 ft x 40ft x 21ft
16ft x 25ft x 20ft
Is part of a larger interactive Playground project that includes;
the Jump Rope Machine and the interactive Seesaw. The slide is
an armature for video mapping projections. PIR sensors trigger
sounds and video. It is localized to become an armature for new media art interventions. You can also slide down it. The premise is to use video as texture and architecture as a screenic space. the footprint is a Fibonacci Spiral. The first Spiral was built using recycled lumber and recycled plastic food barrels.
The Resbalin in Chile uses local materials and localized videos.
Site Installations:
Artists Studio, Galilee, PA
Valparaiso, Chile
Flint, MI (Flint Public Arts Project)